b. 1995 Long Island, NY



2017 BFA Photography, Tulane University

Select Exhibitions

2020 Fotofilmic18 (Traveling Exhibition), The Reference, Seoul, South Korea

2019 Fotofilmic18 (Traveling Exhibition), Polygon Gallery, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

         SF Camera Work, San fransisco, CA

2018 Negative Space III, Brooklyn Grain, Brooklyn, NY

2018 Fotofilmic Solo's 2017-2018 Retrospective, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Surrey, BC

2018 Marisa Chafetz FOTOFILMIC SOLO II Juried by Alec Soth, Burrard Arts Foundation, Vancouver, BC, Canada ** 

2018 Motherhood Unveiled, Stitches and Pics, Sackets Harbor, NY

2017 Pond Magazine Presents, Chinatown Soup, New York, NY

2017 American Collective: Contemporary Reflections on Landscape and Identity, Stitches and Pics, Sackets Harbor NY

2017 Permeable Boundaries, OCH Gallery at Zeitgeist Multi-Disciplinary Art Center, New Orleans, LA 

2017 RECOLLECTIONS, New Orleans Photo Alliance, New Orleans, LA

2017 We are Ugly but We Have the Music, BFA Thesis, Carroll Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2016 Tulane Fall 2016 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, Carroll Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2015 Tulane Spring 2015 Undergraduate Juried Exhibition, Carroll Gallery, New Orleans, LA

2015 [ART]itectural Design Exhibition, Richardson Memorial Hall, New Orleans, LA

2014 Unseen, Portobello Photography Gallery, London

2014 Collective Visions: Young Artists of the Tulane Community, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA


**Solo Show

Online Exhibitions

2020 Family FramesDon't Smile, Curated by Kathryn Harrison, 

2018 What We've Found: Women, Ain't Bad, Curated by Kelia Anne

2017 Year in Reverse, Humble Arts Foundation, Curated by Jon Feinstein,

2017 On Beauty, Humble Arts Foundation, Curated by Roula Seikaly and Jon Feinstein, 

Awards and Honors

2017 The Michael P. Smith Fund for Documentary Photography Grant Recipient

2017 Alberta "Rusty" Collier Memorial Award for 2D Art

2017 Georges Lurcy Grant Recipient

2016 American Photography 32 Winner


2018 Fotofilmic Artist Talk + Panel Discussion, Burrad Arts Foundation,Vancouver, Canada

2017 We are Ugly But We Have the Music, in conjunction with the Michael P. Smith Fund For Documentary Photography, New Orleans Photo Alliance

Books + Zines

2020 Family Frames, Published by Don't Smile (forthcoming)

2020 High School, Self Published

2019 Snow Dog, Self Published

2018 Don't Smile: Year Two Zine

2017 Vuu Studio Super Special, Vol. 2, Issue 12

2015 Girls on Film Vol. 3

2015 Hooligans Unite! Zine 

2015 YoungShot Issue 2

Print Publications

2019 The New York Times, April 28

2019 The New York Times, March 7

2018 The New York Times, Oct 14

2018 Time Out New York, Sept 5-18

2018 Colorado Academy Journal, Fall 

2018 Quartz Quarterly, Issue 1 

2018 The Iron Lattice, Vol. 6

2017 Elston Gunn, Issue 2

2016 American Photography 32

2016 Ziet Campus, October 

2016 Stern Magazine, August 4

2016 New York Magazine, June 13-26

2015 New York Magazine, Oct 23-Nov 5

2015 NEON Magazine, October 

2015 Unfiltrd Mag Issue 1

2015 NEON Magazine, May 

2014 The Vox, December

2014 Anti-Gravity Magazine, February

Select Online Features/Interviews

2020 Booooooom, “We are Ugly but We Have the Music” by Photographer Marisa Chafetz, By Anna Schneider

2020 W Magazine, 21 Photographers’ Portraits of Their Moms, From Loving to UnapologeticBy Michael Beckert

2020 W Magazine, 18 Photographers Share Images to Inspire Amid the Coronavirus Panic, By Michael Beckert

2019 The New York Times, Whats Happening to Us? A Visual History of 2019, By Eve Lyons and Elizbeth Bristow

2019 Musée Magazine, Photo Journal Monday: Marisa Chafetz, By Xinxin Zhang

2018 The New York Times, A Young Curator From a Storied Art World Family, By Steven Kurutz

2018 Time Out New York, Artist B. Wurtz plants pots and pans as "Kitchen Trees" at City Hall Park, By Paul Laster

2018 W Magazine, 18 Photographers' Portraits of Their Moms, From Loving to UnapologeticBy Michael Beckert and Stephanie Eckhardt

2018 W Magazine, 15 Photographers Capture Summer 2018 in Just One Image, By Michael Beckert

2018 W Magazine, 2018 in One Photo: 17 Photographers Capture the Year in a Single Picture, By Michael Beckert

2018 W Magazine, 18 Photographers Share Portraits of Their Dads, Just the Way They Are, By Michael Beckert and Stephanie Eckhardt

2017 i-D, intimate photos of falling in love in new orleansby Alice Newell-Hanson

2017 Fotofilmic, FILM TALKS #32: MARISA CHAFETZ

2017 Fotoroom, We Are Ugly but We Have the Music — Marisa Chafetz Turns the Lens on Her Own Family

2017 It's Nice That, Photographer Marisa Chafetz’s filmic series revisits the beauty of her childhood, By Rebecca Fulleylove


2017 IGNANT, We Are Ugly But We Have The Music By Marisa Chafetz, By Sarah Press

2017 Ain't Bad, Marisa Chafetz, By Parker Woods

2017 Fisheye Magazine, Un été à New York: le récit de Marisa Chafetz , By Anais Viand


2015 Dazed Magazine, Is this what your childhood nights looked like?, By Anna Cafolla

2015 Juxtapoz Magazine, "SEX ON CAMPUS" BY MARISA CHAFETZ, By Linnie Cole

Select Online Assingments

2019 Fiiiirst, Edition 4/#43, Discussion Between Ana Vallejo and Marisa Chafetz

2019 The Interval, Fifteen, a Photo Essay, Compiled by Victoria Myers

2019 The Interval, An Interview with Lilli Cooper, Written by Sarah Rebell

2019 The New York Times, Becoming a Woman Before Their Eyes, Written by Jaclyn Peiser, Produced by Eve Lyons

2019 The Interval, Stephanie Hsu on Be Chill and More, By Sarah Rebell 

2019 The New York Times, The Champagne Empress of Greenwich Village, By Jonah Engel Bromwich 

2018 GayTimes, The fabulous faces of the Voices4 Queer Prom tell us what the LGBTQ community means to them, By Lewis Corner

2018 W Magazine, Sara Paxton Says Donna Rice Cried After Her Portrayal in The Front Runner, By Lauren McCarthy

2018 W Magazine, The Ferryman's Laura Donnelly Takes Broadway in the Role of a Lifetime, By Katherine Cusumano

2018 The Interval, Lauren Pritchard on Songbird, By Victoria Myers

2018 The Interval, An Interview with Glenda Jackson, By Victoria Myers

2018 The Interval, Claudia Weill on Directing Theatre, Film, and Television, By Victoria Myers

2017 i-D, 11 jewish creatives on identity, community, and sarah silverman, By Marisa Chafetz

2016 New York Magazine, Home From College, by the Pool, By Marisa Chafetz

2016 The Interval, The Once and Future Leigh Silverman: a western, By Victoria Myers

2015 New York Magazine, Heirs to the Sexual Revolution, By Lauren Kern and Naureen Malone

Work Experience

2019 Teaching assistant, Photography II: Body & Legacy, Teen Academy, International Center of Photography, Keisha Scarville, winter term 

2018/17 In-House Photographer, Supercall/Thrillist

2018 Teaching assistant, Photography I in Color: Color Film and Darkroom, Teen Academy, International Center of Photography, Liz Sales, fall term

2018 Teaching assistant, Photography I in Color: Color Film and Darkroom, Teen Academy, International Center of Photography, Liz Sales, spring term

2016 Photo Intern (print), New York Magazine

2015 Intern/assistant, Olivia Bee

Community Projects

2019 Pin-Up I, The Living Gallery Outpost, New York, NY