8.5x11 print on luster paper, all open edition, signed. 


100% of proceeds minus $5 for shipping will be donated to a Black Lives Matter cause of your choosing. Some choices for donations include:

George Floyd Memorial Fund

Justice for Breonna 

Black Visions Collective

National Bail Out

Reclaim the Block

The Innocence Project


If you would prefer to donate to the go-fund-me of a Black person in need, or anywhere else that matters to you and relates to Black Lives Matter and fighting police brutality, that is perfectly fine. Just let me know. 



**In order to choose where your donation goes, please write the name of your cause in the notes section in the checkout page. If your cause is not listed on this post, please be very specific or send a link. If you have any issues, please email me directly at and I will make sure your money is donated where you'd like it to be donated. If you don't leave a note with your cause of choice/don't email me I will choose for you**


If your order is placed before 06/13/20, it will be shipped by 06/16/20 at the latest. If your order is placed after 06/13/20, it may take up to 4 weeks to ship.


I will email you a receipt of the donation after it is made.